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June 12, 2010 – Sonora Pass

Ride East side Sonora Pass








What a great ride today. These top pics tell the overall story, but there was so much more to see....

This wasn't the planned ride for today .. we had to change plans due to a big race on our planned ride.

We parked at the Leavitt Trail head which provided all the comforts of home .. too bad Paul didn't feel well today so he didn't join us. He would have enjoyed the facilities.

This sign definitely told the truth ...


There was really amazing scenery on this climb. While it was still pretty windy, it wasn't as cold as past days. The climb was pretty steep the whole way. In fact it was so steep that when the 15-20% gradients dropped to 8-10%, it felt like we were riding on a flat surface.

As usual, Tom made it to the pass first and passed me about .2 miles from the top on his way down. I made it to the top and quickly put on my hat and gloves and headed back down. About a mile down, I ran into Bill with Tom who had turned around to make sure Bill also made it to the top.

On the way down, I took several pictures of this stream which became a raging river by the campground where we parked. (See Below)

Here is the river by our parking spot.






























































There were several steep sections near the top. Also, the snow really started to be deep by the sides of the road. Here is a picture of Tom's bike next to one of the remaining snow banks.