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June 13, 2010 – Markleeville, CA

Ride Monitor Pass








Today we finally got some great weather to ride in. The winds and cold of the past few days cleared out. Here we are parked at the Hangman's Bridge, another of the great named places around this area. We'll cut Paul some slack since he isn't feeling well, but we are trying to decide if he is trying out for Blue Man Group or Smurfs V.

The initial climb from he west side climbs out along the river valley which in this case is really a stream running through this gorge.


While were were riding along this ridge, Tom decided to film one of his video's. Here is a picture of me that he also took.

The top of the pass wasn't too interesting, but it did afford the opportunity for some pictures.

After making it to the top, Tom headed over to descend the other side for a bit and I decided to head back down. Along the way, I ran into Bill who was making his way towards the top. Paul had turned around due to his head cold so I decided to return to the top with Bill so I could take his picture with the signs.

Here are some pictures that Tom took while on the other side.



In the mean time, Bill and I started down the mountain. All in all a good day.






























Soon we emerged from the rocky cliffs area into a broad alpine meadow with spectacular views of the surrounding area.

Below is a video of the area.


Like most of the climbs around here, there are great rivers flowing nearby. They seemed to be running strong due to the snow melt.