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June 11, 2010 – Carson Pass

Ride Carson Pass and Blue Lakes Road








Today we caught up with riding Carson Pass from earlier in the week. Here we are at the trail head where we parked. Gotta love the names here, this was the Horsethief Canyon trail head. It was cool, and still very windy. The good part is that the wind was to our back on the climb and in our face in the descent.

The ride up to Carson Pass was pretty good, although not very difficult. The worst part was the traffic on the road. There were lot;s of Bog Scary Trucks driving by at pretty high speeds.

When we got to the top the ranger came out thinking we were a rider who was riding across the country that she was looking for. Had a nice conversation, and then she took our picture in front of the information center sign. Paul and Bill came along later and celebrated in front of the pass elevation sign.

On the way down, we stopped for more pictures. Here is a great picture of Red Lake and then Tom and I at the same pull out area. From here the wind on the descent was pretty bad and it was cold.

After descending from Caerson, we rode up Blue Lakes Road. We all felt that this was one of the best roads from conditions and scenery that we had every ridden on. It was really an enjoyable section to ride.

When Tom and I got near the top, we found that the road was closed due to snow being on the road. Here we are at the end of the road!


Bill and Paul did a little Deer hunting on the trip.













Umm, it has to be there somewhere Tom ...