Puzzle Plus

From article: LEVI LEIPHEIMER'S 10 FAVORITE ROUTES: Cycling California Wine Country with a Local Pro

Strava Link to similar ride: http://www.strava.com/routes/935367


Levi’s Take: After a few miles you take a right on Sonoma Mountain Road, and you’ll see why our roads are known for their “character” (make sure you have at least 25-centimeter tires with around 100 psi). Sonoma Mountain is a short, steep and rough climb towards the town of Glen Ellen, and you should take the descent with extreme caution. After you pass through Glen Ellen the next climb awaits: Cavedale Road. Cavedale is frequented by many cyclists and is one of the roads the GranFondo committee helped to repair over the last couple of years — it also has a lot of “character.” On a clear day, you can see the city of San Francisco near the top of the climb. The descents down Cavedale and Trinity Road also require extreme caution. The roads that take you back to Santa Rosa are small, twisty and hilly little pieces of a puzzle that only the locals know.

Road Notes: When a climber calls a climb “steep and rough,” you should be halfway to granny gear and settling in for an uphill battle. When a climber throws not one, but two “steep and rough” hills your way, you’re going to be wishing you had a triple. This ride is not short, not sweet, and not easy. Have fun.