Geysers with Pine Flats

From article: LEVI LEIPHEIMER'S 10 FAVORITE ROUTES: Cycling California Wine Country with a Local Pro

Levi’s Take:The natural phenomenon from which this road takes its name shoots water straight up in the air, so, naturally, the road shoots (you guessed it!) straight up. Peaking out at about 13.5 percent, it’s enough for you to pop a few wheelies while pumping the pavement. Enjoy the burn. Love the hill. Sweat like a geyser.

No trip to Sonoma County would be complete without standing atop the famous Pine Flat Road. This climb is roughly 11 miles and, just before the summit, features some of the steepest pavement in the county. After descending (watch for oncoming traffic), loop north through Geyserville and stop for some Diavloa Pizza.

Road Notes: There are men and there are boys. Men climb Pine Flat. Boys quiver in its shadow. If you’re feeling cocky, try taking on Levi’s KOM time for the trip up: 45:02.