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August 5, 2009 – Taos, New Mexico

Rode Taos Ski Valley Challenge









Today was a great day for riding. We got out early and rode though Taos unobstructed then tackled the hill to thee Taos Ski Valley area.



Here's a picture of Paul in disbelief that he stayed up half the night to find out who won the Boston-Tampa Bay game only to learn that 10 minutes after he went to sleep Longoria hit a 2 run home run to win the game for Tampa Bay.






















The ride from the main road north of Taos to the start of the climb was pretty flat, although it did continuously climb at a low rate. After about 5 miles, we passed though Arroyo Secco which was a quaint little town.






















The climb to the ski area was pretty straight forward like all these climbs out here. The scenery was pretty good though. Here is a picture of the early climb and also a short video that shows how nice the climb was.























We continued to experiment with taking short videos ... here Tom is playing Fellini while climbing.


Here we are at the top of the ski area doing the sign thing. Tom is taking the picture in this case.





And the most recent showing of when the Animal attacks ....
















The ski area appeared to be small, but in fact, it is pretty large. It was pretty up there.


































We descended pretty rapidly, stopped for a coffee and muffin in Arroyo Secco and then continued on as the heat built. We took a side road that looped around Taos called Blueberry Road. It was a pretty good ride since we had a nice view of all directions. Here are the boys riding along Blueberry Road.