La Sal to Delores River Ride

Junction of Hwy 191 and 46 (22.3 miles south of Poison Spider Bicycles.) This ride can be shortened by turning around at Upper Two Mile Rd. (the high point of the ride at 7,732 ft.) or by driving farther east on Hwy 46 and starting at the La Sal post office and riding to the end of the beautiful La Sal Creek Canyon and back.

This scenic ride has many different faces. You start by climbing the south side of the La Sals with Mt. Peale, the tallest peak at 12,721 ft., coming into view at Mile 13 near the high point of the ride. You’ll then descend into La Sal Creek Canyon and cross the state line into Colorado. After another short climb you’ll descend into the Paradox Valley to Bedrock on the Dolores River. The Dolores, like the Colorado River near Moab, cuts across the valley rather than running down along the valley floor. This geological anomaly inspired the name Paradox. The historic country store at Bedrock is a welcome sight at the turn around point of this ride.