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Next (July 27, 2011)

26 July, 2011 – Nebo, North Carolina

Ride: Around the Rental House









So today was the first day of our Trip. It started with a 14 hour drive from CT to Nebo, NC. The first problem we had was that RT 78 was closed in PA due to a truck accident. The GPS got us routed around it successfully! We found the house easily and it's another nice one.

First thing I discovered is that I forgot my bike camera mount at home, so no descending video this trip!









Here's some pics of the house

DSC01197 DSC01200 DSC01199 DSC01202



Tom arranged for the first group photo of the trip, standing on the porch of the house! Then we went for our first ride around the neighborhood which consisted of a 2 mile climb from the main gate that averaged about 15-18% with local maximums of 20%! Great stuff, but it seems we rented a house on the Zoncolon instead of in North Carolina!

DSC01209 DSC01211


Next on the bill was dinner which wasn't quite as challenging as this picture would lead you to believe!


The house has some great sunsets and you can see why they call these the Smoky Mountains

DSC01218 DSC01222


Here is Bill, relaxing with his beer after dinner.

Rental House Loop 7-26-2011, Elevation - Distance Rental House Loop 7-26-2011

As per usual, Paul exploded as soon as we got into the house! Actually we all just dumped things everywhere as the drive was pretty long, and it was HOT outside!