Carson Pass/Blue Lakes Road


On the way towards Carson Pass this 12-mile road to Blue Lakes is a real treat for cyclists, climbing up and over the Pacific Crest to the tiny Blue Lakes since there is no through traffic on this road.

After Blue Lakes is the final climb up to Carson Pass. You may choose to warm yourself at the pass (if the sun is shining) on one of the many granite boulders at the visitor’s center. Turning around here brings a mostly straight and very fast descent on a smooth highway road.

If you are inclined to do still more climbing after Carson Pass, you can turn Left onto Luther Pass Road for one more brief climb. Looking back from Luther Pass over the Hope Valley provides a splendid view of a classic high alpine meadow, with lush grasses, the meandering Carson River, and granite boulders deposited during the last Ice Age.

Carson Pass East Carson Pass West Climb Blue Lakes Road Climb Luther Pass South Climb

Blue Lakes Road Climb Carson Pass East Climb Carson Pass West Climb Luther Pass South Climb