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August 3, 2009 – Taos, New Mexico

Rode Passo Flechado









Well today was an interesting day ... the summary is that I was almost hit by a horse trailer, a semi tractor trailer and was almost in a head on collision on the descent from the pass with a jedda passing a semi in a no passing zone. Tom is on his way, but is stuck in a hellish Van getting freon added so they have air conditioning ... When does tomorrow get here?




Today we decided to change the plan again to ride out of the house up Hwy 64 over the Passo Flechado to Angel Fire and then back. It was pretty cold this AM, low 50's I think. The road wasn't as nice as yesterday as it was narrow with no shoulder. Luckily the traffic wasn't all that bad, so the ride started descending. I think we are all of the opinion that the rides last week in Santa Fe and Los Alamos were much more scenic than here in Taos. Here is a picture from near the top of the climb.
























While riding, we saw this interesting covered wagon on the side of the road.






















Here we all are on top of the Pass.
























The descent to Angel Fire was pretty cool and I had a ball laying the bike over in the corners as I went. Here is a shot of the valley below, looking at the Angel Fire Ski Resort.





















After getting back to the house, we went and had lunch in Taos and then visited the Rio Grande Gorge. Pretty impressive.