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August 1, 2009 – Santa Fe, New Mexico

Rode Old Santa Fe Trail and Drove to Taos









Today was our last day in Santa Fe for a few days. Since we were all a bit tired from yesterday, we decided to ride an easy ride today. We picked the Old Santa Fe Trail ride which we were supposed to do on Tuesday but were side tracked due to rain.



The day started poorly with me having a flat on the bike as we removed our bikes from the car. I was quite annoyed and it started the day off poorly for me. After a not so quick wheel change, we were off on our ride.





























The ride wasn't all that impressive, but it was nice to stretch the legs and yet get some rest at the same time. Here is Paul standing by the Old Santa Fe Trail sign.



















There were some descent views of the city as we descended from the foothills. After the ride, we ate dinner at the Tecolote Cafe. Paul found out about this place and the others wee at in on Diners, Drive Ins and Diver on the Food Channel. I had Huevos Yucatecos, Paul had the Green Chili Stew and Bill had Strawberry Pancakes which he did not finish. He was warned by the waitress that he wouldn't and he didn't.



















After Breakfast/Lunch, we went back, collected the truck and headed off to Taos. Yes Tom, we still do have your bike, but it seems to be missing a bunch of nutrition products. I think that TSA guy is now working for FEDEX! The indians decorate the bridges in the reservations with colorful artwork.









The drive to Taos was fairly uneventful, although I felt like I was living in a Chevy Chase movie .. Biggest Ball of twin, 5 miles ahead .... largest cat hairball, next right. Oh well, after passing though a few very slow towns, we descended into a canyon with the Rio Grand running though it. Here the scenery was amazing and we saw lot's of people doing white water rafting. Finally we climbed out of the gorge and the initial view of the plain where Taos is was spectacular. After some weaving around and relying on GPS, we found our rental house. Here are some shots of the house and views from the house.


































We had some dinner then Paul and Bill decided to check out the hot tub











It looks like there are some nice sunsets here. We just missed tonight!






All in all, a good day and we are excited to see Taos tomorrow!