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August 2, 2008 – Boulder Colorado

RideLefthand Canyon


Well, here we are off on another trip, but this time we are staying in the good ole USA and visiting Colorado.  We also have added a fourth, welcome to Bill!

The trip started off on an inauspicious note. Although our flight from Providence was on time, we ended up circling Philadelphia for over an hour due to thunderstorms. At one point they talked of sending us to Baltimore. That would have been a disaster! In the end we landed in Philadelphia just as our flight to Denver was boarding. Unfortunately we didn’t leave as planned because one of the stewardesses had an injured back. As they brought on Emergency personnel, it looked more and more like we would have a significant delay. Soon the pilot announced that they couldn’t find a replacement and we should get off the plane as we might not be going to Denver today after all.  Well all got off and it was clear the USAirways had no plan.  As we were waiting for some news, 20 minutes after the flight was supposed to leave, we noticed that our luggage and more importantly our bikes were sitting on the tarmac waiting to be loaded. Luckily some of the crack ground crew noticed and started loading the bikes. I’ll leave it to your imagination on this one!






This was quite an evolution!

Well we finally got here and it was scalding hot out. We finally got our rental Van, Paul and Bill got their truck pretty quickly. No matter, we were off to Boulder.  The mountains were great, but there were clouds and storms.  Colorado is  very flat and very dry.



Once we checked into the hotel, we set about the ritual task of assembly of the bikes.


The bikes went together well.  One of the things we noticed was that there was an abundance of wildlife out around here. The rabbits and prairie dogs were digging networks of holes everywhere.



We don’t have any pictures form the ride today on Lefthand Canyon.  If was pretty steep and we only ended up riding a short ways as it was late and it was getting dark. Bill had the start of a bad night by getting a flat shortly into the ride. Since I am actually writing this tomorrow, I can tell you there is more to the story, so stand by!





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